What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimums can vary depending on the style and fabric, however, in general our minimum is 30 per style of school shirts and blouses, and 20 per style of other items like school dresses, skirts, shorts, trousers, jackets, pullovers and track suits.

How long does it take to deliver from the time I place my order?

Lead times depend to some extent on the time of year, size of order, and availability of fabric. As a general rule, we can deliver within 4 weeks, however we do encourage our customers to place their major orders for summer and winter well in advance of that, so we can ensure that we have adequate fabric.  We know well that school uniform demand can vary greatly form year to year, and that despite careful ordering, uniform shop mangers can find they are short in one or two sizes at the most critical times. Our local production base enables us to respond rapidly to these difficult situations.

Does Taleb Australia manufacture in Australia? 

Yes we do. Our factory is located in Marrickville Sydney. We have been manufacturing school uniforms since 1959.

Isn’t it more expensive to manufacture in Australia?

Australian workers rightly enjoy very fair working conditions compared to workers in many other countries, so of course our costs are higher, but with more than 50 years experience we have been able to make our production process extremely efficient. Imported garments can also be more expensive than they seem once the big minimums, quality issues, and other hidden costs are taken into account.

What do I do if  I have a student that doesn’t fit into a regular size?

Although we produce an extensive range of sizes, it can sometimes be the case that an individual needs a special fit. We will produce special size garments when they are needed based on the individual’s measurements, and we will respond rapidly.