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Welcome to the Bethlehem College Online Uniform Shop.
To shop just follow these easy steps.
1) Use the drop down lists to select the desired size.
2) Next click the “add to cart” button. You will be taken to your shopping cart where you enter the desired quantity.
3) Press the “continue shopping” button to return to the shop and select another item.
4) If you would like to view your cart at any time, please just click the “view cart” button.
5) When you have finished shopping you can pay for your order through the secure Paypal process.

New Students: It is recommended that new students be fitted at the uniform shop.


Bring your receipt to pick up your order from the uniform shop on Tuesday or Friday from 10.45 to 2.00pm or Wednesdays from 8.15 to 11am.

Australia Post Pack

Summer Dress.

Worn by students in years 7-10 in term 1 and 4.

View Ladies Size Chart 

Summer Dress


Worn by years 11 and 12 all year.

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Taleb 1 Oct Homepix Photography 073 Jacket.

Worn to school in term 2 and 3. Worn at all school masses.

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View Ladies Size Chart 

Pullover Size


Senior Short Sleeve Blouse.

Worn by years 11 and 12 year round.

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Senior Short Sleeve Blouse

Junior Long Sleeve Blouse.

Worn by years 7 to 10 in term 2 and 3.

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Junior Long Sleeve Blouse

 tunic-bethlehem  Winter Tunic.

Worn by years 7 to 10 in term 2 and 3.

Winter Tunic

White anklet sock – 3 pack.

Worn with the summer dress and to sport.

Foot Size

Navy anklet sock – 3 pack.

Worn with the senior skirt in summer. Note Change paypal button.

Foot Size

Taleb Tights Tights – navy, 70 Denier.

Worn in term 2 and 3.

 Tight Size

beth_scarf Knitted Scarf. Optional.

Knitted Scarf

  Polo Shirt.

Worn on Thursdays.

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Sports Polo Shirt

  Sports Shorts.

Worn on Thursdays.

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Sport Short

Sports Cap.

Sports Cap

Track Suit Jacket.

Worn on cold Thursdays.

Track Jacket Size

Track Suit Pant.

Track Pant Size

Smart Pack.

School backpack.

Smartpak Size

 beth_chiropak Chiropak- endorsed by the chiropractic association.  Extra padding and internal frame for back support.

Chiropak Size


Recommended school calculator.


  Sports Bag – Tote

  Swimming Cap

Swimming Cap